What is Tantra

Discover How You Can Activate Your Full Sexual Potential And Finally Experience Pleasure, Intimacy And Connection On The Deepest Level


  • Feel confident, sexy and irresistible because you’re connected and in touch with your sensual feminine essence
  • Have orgasms (even multiple orgasms – dream big, it’s totally possible!) regularly or deepen your orgasmic experience
  • Heal all your sexual trauma from the past so that you can be free and keep your heart open to give and receive love
  • Have more energy, feeling vibrant and alive, expressing your creative femininity without shame, guilt or fear of judgment

Ladies... are you ready to unlock your full sexual potential and be the vibrant, radiant and irresistible Goddess you truly are?


Tantra could be thought of as a set of hypothesises, spiritual practices and ritualistic actions that through personal effort and experimentation (sadhana)  are designed to direct  the universal energies of the macrocosm into the practitioner (sadhak) . The reason for undertaking such efforts is nothing less than total liberation from ignorance and suffering (Moksha).


One meaning of tantra is ‘to weave’. It is also taught that tantra is like the actual shuttle that moves between the threads when weaving a fabric, correctly implying that tantra can be a device or technology.  The fabric itself represents the universe with all its subtle energies and all the myriad permutations of consciousness. This fabric of reality is like an interconnected matrix, and tantra then is the expansion of our consciousness wherein these interconnections are intuitively and experiential understood… the inner experience that everything is intrinsically woven together and is ultimately one occurrence.


This is partly why love-making can be such a powerful form of yoga because the added dimension of external polarity; the masculine working with the feminine which is created by being joined with a partner, heightens the experience of rising energy through the body and makes for a very unique practice which may not be achieve so readily working alone.

The Truth You Are Missing Out On...

Tantric sex is in the spirit of your lovemaking, a fresh practice that brings a new experience. Tantric sex is an art of lovemaking that gives you a lot more than typical physiologically-stimulating or entertaining sex. Tantric sex is a higher potential, a greater experience, a more advanced art, mastery and healing of lovemaking. Tantric sex is for those who want a better life and who want to keep growing.

Finding your Divine purpose and living a more fulfilling life

Deep tools for self-love and self-healing; the foundation for abundance, manifestation and creation

Forming deeper and more meaningful relationships

Cultivating presence, gaining inner-confidence and knowing

Achieving greater knowledge about your sacred body, becoming multi-orgasmic


Becoming an incredible lover through being in service to the God/dess