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Tantra practitoiners are the pioneers of this extraordinary concept of sensual massage therapy for adults, in Palm Beach County. As a Tantric Practitioner, I offer you an exceptionally discrete and trusted visiting sensual experience in the comfort of your hotel or private residence. I am recognized for my massage excellence and warmth.

How do I know if I am ready for a tantra massage?

As a matter of fact you are always ready for a tantra massage, since tantra is always starting from where you are. A tantra massage offers you the possibility to just relax and receive love and conscious sensual touch. But sometimes your mind can easily think that there is something in particular that you need to ‘be’ or ‘do’ before you come for a massage, and this may create doubts in you whether you are ready for it. You are welcome to write to us or call us and ask us questions, if you are not sure whether you are ready, or if you feel uncertain about whether tantra massage is for you, or uncertain about how it is to receive a tantra massage.

How do people benefit from a Tantric session?
Do I need to do anything else to prepare?
Do you offer a discrete service?
How do I prepare for my exclusive Tantric massage experience?
How do people benefit from a Tantra Massage Session?
What should I expect from my Tantric massage experience?
Why do you sometimes include intimate pelvic and genital touch in sessions?
Am I allowed to touch the practitioner during the massage?
What if I, as a woman, experience pleasure during the massage and get an orgasm – do I then need to hold back?
I’ve never had an orgasm before. Does this matter?
What if I ejaculate?
Does it matter if I’m a lesbian?
What is the purpose of emotional release work done in sessions?
What if it hurts during the yoni massage?
Am I unfaithful to my partner if I receive a tantra massage?
Why are the masseurs almost naked during the massage?
Does tantra massage equal prostitution?
What if I fall in love or have lust for the practitioner?
What forms of payment do you take?
Do I tip my Tantric Practitioner?